Loft Boarding a New Build House

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Make the Most of Your Loft Space With Professionally Installed Loft Boarding in Your New Build House

Loft Boarding a New Build House

If You are Considering Installing Loft Boarding into Your New Build House Before You do There are a Few Vital Things to Be Considered

Common Reasons Why a Developer Will Advise Against Loft Boarding a New Build

Common reasons given by house builders for not boarding new build lofts:

  1. The loft floor isn’t strong enough to carry the extra weight – not true. New houses constructed with loft hatches, built to British Standards are designed to carry 25kg per square metre of permanent load and 180kg per square metre of temporary load.
  2. It will compress the insulation. Historic Method – not true. Loft Boarding Midlands uses a raised flooring  system which is specifically designed to overcome this issue. It raises the loft floor above the insulation thereby allowing the insulation to work effectively.
  3. It will cause damp – not true. Damp can be caused by compressing the insulation or blocking the airflow in lofts. The raised flooring system and the fact that Loft Boarding Midlands will not join the boarding to meet the roof ensures that airflow is maintained and insulation is not compressed.
  4. It will invalidate my warranty – not true. In fact the NHBC and CDM regulations actually require a loft to be boarded if it contains any serviceable equipment. The NHBC Warranty policy does not contain any statement which challenges suitably installed loft flooring.

The Importance of Maintaining Sufficient Air-Flow

The Importance of Maintaining an Air-Flow in Your Loft:

An important consideration when Loft Boarding a New Build is to ensure that the loft space and loft insulation combined can “breathe”, interstitial condensation will very quickly manifest itself if the air-flow is restricted causing damp issues and further ongoing problems, this is particularly the case in New Builds that are under two years old as they will contain considerably more moisture than that of a New Build that has been through the drying out period. 

Compression and Removal Existing Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation versus Loft Storage in Your New Build:

It is vital that your loft insulation is not squashed or compressed when Loft Boarding is installed as this will reduce the effectiveness of the loft insulation by as much as 75% and Vastly Reduce the Energy Rating of the Building. The LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System, Has a Unique Elevated Design that Raises the Platform above the Joists So there is No Need to Remove or Squash the Insulation even when Levels are up to 300mm, this Coupled with a Fully Vented Framework will allow the Required Cross Ventilation to be Maintained. If Loft Insulation is removed or excessively compressed then the NHBC guarantee Will be Invalidated as the Energy Rating on the property has been reduced and it no longer meets the Sustainable Homes Standard or the Current Building Regulations under which the guarantee was issued.


Live Loading for Occasional Storage in New Build Home

What is the Weight Limit for Occasional Storage in a New Build Loft:

Like any part of a building, lofts are subject to strict regulations that architects, specifiers and builders need to meet. The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is the UK’s leading Government certification body for building products. Their certification and inspection services are recognised by building control, local authorities, industry insurers and builders alike, and after testing for the strength of the raised deck, ease of installation and other issues such as avoiding heat loss and condensation, they awarded a certificate for raised loft flooring to LoftZone. It is the only product on the market to have this

Another thing to consider is the loading on the floor of the loft. Lofts are designed primarily to support the roof. LoftZone strengthens a loft’s joists, by acting as a lattice beam, but nonetheless if the loft is to be used for storage or access, then clearly the joists on the floor of the loft need to be strong enough for this. For example, most new houses are constructed with truss roofs and the British Standard for these (BS5268) says that the joists must be able to carry a permanent load of at least 25kg per square metre (e.g. for storage) plus a temporary load of 180kg (assumed to be one person walking around). Every new house has to be built at least to this minimum legal standard and LoftZone StoreFloor has been successfully installed in the lofts of thousands of new build houses.

NHBC Warranty on New Build Homes

NHBC Warranty on New Builds:

All New Build properties are issued with 10-year NHBC guarantee, But the cover changes over time: During the first 2 years after completion, your builder is responsible for rectifying any failures to meet the standard. So, you’re protected if there are issues with the work the builder has done – such as leaky windows due to faulty seals.

During years 3 to 10 after completion, your NHBC warranty provides insurance for damage that is a direct result of such a failure. This covers major problems with the structure of the house – like foundations, external render, roofs, ceilings & chimneys. This means that after the first two years, smaller repairs become your responsibility – like problems with your gutters or fixtures and fittings. That’s why it’s so important to check your house for issues during the snagging period. 


So Can Install Loft Boarding in my New Build – The Simple Answer is Yes.

 If a Homeowner Wishes to Install Loft Boarding in a New Build They Must Ensure that a Suitable Raised Loft Boarding  System is Used that is “Fit for Purpose” and Is Able to Accommodate Levels of upto 300mm of Loft Insulation Without Compromise. If Loft Insulation is Removed or Excessively Compressed then the NHBC Warranty will be Invalidated as the Property no Longer Meets the Energy Efficiency Standards or the  Building Regulations Under Which the Guarantee Was Issued.