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Loft Boarding Midlands is the Midland’s Top-Rated Loft Boarding Company on Google Specialising in Providing Additional Storage Space for Homeowners Living in and around the Midlands and Beyond. Our Fully Insured, Factory Trained, Installation Crews are Experts in Transforming Unusable Insulated Lofts In  into Fantastic Additional Storage Areas. Loft Boarding Midlands is your One-Stop Provider for Professionally Installed, Loftzone NHBC Approved Loft Boarding, Loft Insulation, Branded Loft Ladders, Insulated Loft Hatches, Loft Lighting, and More!!

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Loft Boarding a New Build Home

Vital Things to Consider

Loft Boaring a New Build:

The Simple Answer is Yes. Loft Boarding Midlands is a National Loft Boarding Specialist and are the UK's Leading New Build Loft Boarding Installer of the Unique Award Winning LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System, which Has Been Designed to Create Valuable Additional Loft Storage Space in New Build Homes without Affecting the NHBC Warranty, Thermal Efficiency or Integrity of the Building

NHBC Warranty on New Builds:

All New Build properties are issued with 10-year NHBC guarantee, the Majority of House Builders and Developers Will advise against New Homeowners Loft Boarding a New Build, the reasoning behind this is that historic methods of Loft Boarding a New Build, prior to the introduction of the Construction Certified LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System would require Loft Insulation to be either removed or excessively compressed. 

The Importance of Maintaining an Air-Flow in Your Loft:

An important consideration when Loft Boarding a New Build is to ensure that the loft space and loft insulation combined can "breathe", interstitial condensation will very quickly manifest itself if the air-flow is restricted causing damp issues and further ongoing problems, this is particularly the case in New Builds that are under two years old as they will contain considerably more moisture than that of a New Build that has been through the drying out period. 

Loftzone Storefloor:

Award-Winning Loftzone Storefloor the Most Practical, Cost-Effective Loft Boarding System Currently on the Market Today. LoftZone StoreFloor is a Raised Loft Boarding  System that has been designed to work effectively where insulation levels are in excess of 300mm and is the Only NHBC Approved  Loft Boarding Solution on the Market that is Suitable for Installing into New Build Properties. 

Loft Insulation versus Loft Storage in Your New Build:

It is vital that your loft insulation is not squashed or compressed when Loft Boarding is installed as this will reduce the effectiveness of the loft insulation by as much as 75% and Vastly Reduce the Energy Rating of the Building. The LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System, Has a Unique Elevated Design that Raises the Platform above the Joists So there is No Need to Remove or Squash the Insulation even when Levels are up to 300mm, this Coupled with a Fully Vented Framework will allow the Required Cross Ventilation to be Maintained. If Loft Insulation is removed or excessively compressed then the NHBC guarantee Will be Invalidated as the Energy Rating on the property has been reduced and it no longer meets the Sustainable Homes Standard or the Current Building Regulations under which the guarantee was issued.


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Loftzone Storefloor

Loftzone Storefloor is Now the Most Commonly Used and Nationally Recognised Loft Boarding System on the Market in the UK, with 1000’s of Installations Being Undertaken each Week in both Older Properties and New Builds Nationwide.

Construction Certified Raised Loft Boarding Installed in your Insulated Loft.

Loft Boarding in Bromsgrove

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