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Loft Boarding the Professional Way

Loft Boarding

Your Loft Occupies Approximately One-Third of the Floor Space within your Home. According to Britain’s largest-ever survey of how people use their lofts, carried out by the Carbon Trust, 82% of people living in UK private and social houses use their loft for storage. Of these, 78% said their loft was “more than half full” and 65% had boarded their loft already. Of the total population, 76% said that using the loft for storage was either “very important” or “essential”. 

Loft Boarding in the Midlands
Loft Boarding in a New Build House
When Installed Correctly

Boarding your Loft is the most Practical, Cost-Effective way of Creating Additional Storage Space Within your Home Without Breaking the Bank. Our Factory Trained, Fully Insured Installation Crews are Experts in Transforming Unusable Fully Insulated Lofts into Fantastic Loft Storage Areas. So What Type of Loft Flooring Suits your Home Best, and what should a Home Owner Consider when making this decision? 

Boarding Your Loft and Making the Right Choice

Loft Boarding Directly onto the Joists:

We have witnessed many cases of Loft Boarding or Loft Flooring being secured Straight onto the existing Joists of a property, which would involve removing or compressing the existing insulation. In many cases, Installers have cut into the ceiling joists to lower cables to allow for boarding to be fixed on top! Loft Boarding Midlands does not recommend this at all, as this will seriously compromise the integrity of the ceiling, and create serious condensation and damp issues.

Loft boarding onto the joists

Loft Boarding Over Polystyrene Insulation

Never Install Loft Boarding into a Loft that Has Been Insulated with Polystyrene. Polystyrene was commonly used as loft insulation, a place that cables will normally run. The plasticisers used to make the PVC insulator on cables reacts with polystyrene resulting in the polystyrene appearing to “melt”. The plasticiser migrates out of the cable making it brittle and causes its insulating properties to break down. The cable will eventually fail; this is both a fire and electrocution Hazard.

Loft Boarding with polystyrene

Sub-Frame Loft Boarding

The most effective way of boarding a loft up until now would be to build a loft sub frame for the new loft boards to be secured. 4×2 timbers are laid in the opposite direction to the original joists, helping to distribute the load across the ceiling however, this method will mean that a considerable amount of additional weight will now be bearing down on the existing beams. This can be particularly problematic on older buildings where the joist are generally quite weak

Loft Boarding onto a sub-frame

Low-Level Loft Boarding and the use of Moisture Resistant Boards

Water vapor can pass through most building materials and will enter the roof space through the plasterboard ceilings with a greater amount entering through air gaps in ceilings, such as around cables, pipes, loft hatches, and downlighters. You are unlikely to prevent condensation in the roof space completely so is the application of moisture-resistant boarding a preventative measure or not? Suppressing the existence of moisture within the loft is a recipe for disaster, as the moist air will condensate on the underside of the boards and migrate downwards forming on the joist below this will in time erode the joists.

Loft Ventilation How it Works

Another Consideration Rarely Taken into Account is the Importance of Air Circulation Within a Loft Space. In Order to Reduce the Risk of Condensation Forming There is a Basic Requirement for Cross Ventilation. The Requirements for Ventilating a Traditional Cold Loft Space, Are That the Air Should Enter the Loft at the “Lowest Point” (Under the Eves) on One Side of the Roof and “Exit on the Other

LoftZone Storefloor

Loftzone Storefloor is a Unique Loft Boarding System That Has been Designed to Create Valuable Additional Storage Space in both Traditional Homes and New Builds, That Have Fully Insulated Lofts, Without the Need to Either Remove or Compress the Insulation

Due to its Unique Design, Strength and Durability  Common Obstacles That Are Found in Lofts Can be Easily Overcome, Bridging Over Cabling, Pipe Work, and Down Lights is Not a Problem, Alternative Loft Boarding Methods Will Require  Sinking Wires Into The Joists Affecting Their Structural Integrity. LoftZone Storefloor is modular, very strong, and very light in weight. LoftZone StoreFloor is a Raised Loft Flooring System Designed to Provide Sufficient Space for Insulation Materials. The System Comprises of Lightweight Galvanized Steel Cross-Beams and Plastic Supports, Which are Manufactured From Nylon or Polypropylene and are 279 mm in Height, Which Has Made it The Perfect Loft Storage Solution for New Build Homeowners as it Meets and Exceeds all the NHBC Requirements.

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